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SW 9088iis network hardware issue

Hello to everyone and happy new year.
I have in my stack 1x sw9088iis dsp, 1x sw9088ii dsp and 1x sw9000ii hub all linked together.
this year we have some problems like slow turn on, pop outs etc.
I buy nippon caps rated at 105 celcius for PSU for all soundwebs (and new fans also) and after installed (and proper service / maintenance
) problems are gone away.
To the point, because the club have many zones i buy a used sw9088iis to put in my stack too. soundweb have same problems as mine but network isnt working. Leds inside for network and arround DSPs wont illuminate. After servicing like recap, bad solder points at psu, sw turns on but at the same condition. i've tested inputs / outputs, its working like a charm.
psu give +/-16vDC, +5DC, 60vDC (phantom)
Other regulators at network like 2.5vDC, 3.4vDC are working.
Voltage tests points like +15, -15vDC etc measure the reported voltage.
I'm professional electronics engineer specializing in sound systems but i dont have schematics to do proper searching.
i've tested with debug pins, front serial at 38400 baud rate, auxliary serial at back at 115000 baud rate. network in/out without solution.
My other soundwebs are communicate with my usb/serial dongle


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