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Understanding the Modulator Block

I'm attempting to use a modulator to control the level of an audio signal with a control from a noise gen and a meter. Here is the signal chain that I put together to test this:

Noise Gen > Gain > Meter with control enabled > Modulator input 2

It all works as expected, except that the audio level at the output of the modulator is always less than the level at input 1.
For instance I have a 0 dB audio signal on input 1. The control is adjusted to 0 (dB? DC?) on input 2. The output is at -30. I would assume that with a 0 value control signal the output would equal input 1. Even with the control signal maxed out at +20 I can only get -12 dB out with a 0 dB input.
I'm sure I misunderstanding something, or maybe this is just how it works.

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