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Help: Contrio EC8BV to control input routing on Crown CDI amp

My goal is to use a Contrio EC8BV as a simple volume/source controller and it will be directly connected to a Crown CDi series 4 channel networked amp via a PoE injector. This has worked well for me in the past with the EC4BV but I'm struggling to set up the source selection feature in Audio Architect.
The amp is effectively a 4x4 matrix and all the EC8 needs to do is select a zone then tell the amp to send a specified input to a specified output using a button on the Contrio. The trouble is I can't seem to find a way to do it. The how-to guide in the amp manual stops short of what I'm attempting to do.

Unless I'm understanding it wrong, the "Trigger" function on the amp is global to the amp so if a trigger is selected, it controls any input associated with it. It works fine for one output but not for 4 outputs. Is there another way that I'm not realizing? Is there not a simple way to set "Input 1 > output 4" and so on?


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