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Defective BLU-120, repair or replace?

Hello all,

My first post in this forum could have been merrier, but things are as they are... :)

As stated in the headline, I have a defective Soundweb London BLU-120. When powered on it tries several times to complete the boot process, then after a number of failures turns itself off.

I've asked for a price quote for a replacement unit, but the supplier offered me to analyse the unit and attempt to repair it, either by themselves or, if they can't do it, send it on to another company. The price tag for this starts at a bit more than 10 % of the price for a new unit, but there is no limit as I can se as to how expensive it can be.

What do you people whith more experience in this believe, should I go for a repair attemtp, given my error description above, or is it better to go directly for a new replacement unit?

Best regards


  • David BDavid B Posts: 14
    Hey Staffan
    You could be looking at a power supply replacement, which is easy- 4 screws and a couple of connectors. The PSU is common across all London devices, except the 80/32/16 series.

    I'd try and start your unit in safe mode and see if it starts- this will let the 120 boot but not run any config (design).
    To enter this, apply power and wait until the welcome screen is displayed, then hold the locate button, front or rear. [safe mode] will be displayed on the screen and the device will boot.

    Assuming the device boots ok, the issue is probably with the config that is loaded.

    You can then use telnet to communicate with the device and reset.

  • Thank you for the answer David. Is it common (in some kind of sense) that this kind of problems are caused by a defective PSU? I have some more units in the rack, so I could try swapping PSU if you think it's worthwile.

    I could also give safe mode boot a try, however I have not done any changes to the configuration so I doubt that will help. :(
  • drszumdrszum Posts: 1
    who does not do anything that does not make mistakes.
    good luck ; )
  • Or you could just contact BSS tech support... we won't bite :-)
  • Thanks for the feedback. Since my last post yet another unit died on me, a London 160. Today I put them out of the rack, together with a still working 120, and tried swapping the PSU.

    It did the trick, so now I'm gonna order four PSUs, and replace also the two still working just in case those also want to give up within a few weeks or months. :) I'm only waiting for confirmation from tech support (you said you won't bite ;) ) that all my four units really use the same PSU.

    Thanks again! :D
  • CinchCinch Posts: 40
    If you already got the Blu disassembled, you should also replace the little fans inside the unit. Usualy those are the next pice to die, and a dead fan will let the psu die again...
    For all of you out there it's a good idea to check the psu's and fans after about 5 years of non-stop operation, so you will have the next trouble free 5 years....
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