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Parametric EQ Width - Q value vs. BW.

In London Architect it was possible to change if the parametric EQ width values were provided either as a Q-factor or a bandwidth value.

I have searched and searched, but cannot seem to find the place in Audio Architect where this can be done.

Any input?


  • Jonas_hJonas_h Posts: 2
    I tried the \"Application Options\" -> System Conversion and can see that there is the option to choose Q or Octave. From the help:

    System Conversions
    The bandwidth options makes all instances of parametric EQ to be displayed either as bandwidth in octaves or as bandwidth as Q at the user’s discretion. Switching from one option to the other will be on a global basis for the entire application.

    When I change to Q, nothing happens. All my PEQ's are in Octaves. HAve tried making a new venue etc.
  • Jonas_hJonas_h Posts: 2
    Update on this one from BSS (if anyone is interested)

    The setting in the Application Preferences applies to all devices except Soundweb. This setting has existed since System Architect which supported Crown, JBL and dbx. This feature worked for those devices. When they put Soundweb London into System Architect (Audio Architect) this feature was not implemented in Soundweb processing objects. I don’t know the exact reason, but it is probably because the processing objects in Soundweb work completely differently to those in Crown, JBL and dbx. I will immediately alert the developers about this and I will make sure that the Help file is adjusted. If I get an explanation then I will of course let you know.
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