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Connecting Guitar/Bass to DBX286s with Active DI-Box

the DBX 286s manual says on the page 10 that: "Important: DO NOT anything other than a microphone to the MIC INPUT". Does it also mean guitar or bass thru active DI-Box which switches a signal to microphone level signal?

I thought it was pretty common practise to connect your instrument (guitar or bass) to mic preamps mic input with active DI-Box, when micpre dosen't have inbuilt DI or do I just have to use LINE INPUT, (which sounds pretty lame) if I wanna plug my guitar or bass straight to 286s?

All the comments are very welcome and appreciated, since I'm rookie working with hardware :smile:


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    *"Important: DO NOT connect anything other than a microphone to the MIC INPUT".

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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,366

    The 286s is mostly made with Microphones that run at Mic Level in mind on the Mic Input. Likely that you would not harm anything running it from an Active DI box that has switched from instrument to Mic level via XLR.

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