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hEY hows there so im brand new to this whole pro audio and dont know nothing about nothing really . Home theatre and car audio heck yeah I know that stuff...I recently got handed down to me 2 Electrovoice Eleminator 18" subs and 2 B52 mx1515 cabs all are passive .I also am running 2 x Crest Audio 4801 amps and a 3rd if i need it . All Im doing is basically all playback maybe a mic once in a great while. Now this will be hooked up in a 2 car garage loaded full of metal working tools .( This system is to let the neighbors have it when they fire up that damn clown music) So i put all this crap together and wow it sounded like shit. So ive been doin some researrch and hear i need some sort of "Speaker Management System " and a buddy of mine pointed me to DBX so here I am needing Speaker Managment and need to be able to control subs and mains seperatly but have no clue what i need so any help on model number would be sweet and greatly appreciated . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

 I was looking to spend @ $200 - $400 +/- 


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