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ZC1 Issues

Good Evening,

Just wanted to reach out to a larger audience about an issue I am having.

We installed a ZC1 at a gym and it is automatically raising and lowering the volume without being touched. You can watch it jump up and down in the program when on line, and obviously you can hear the volume going up and down. Tech support suggested a couple of things. One was to pull it out and plug it directly into the Zone pro, the other was the cable could be getting RF interference. Plugged the ZC1 into the zone pro, actually the BOB, and the volume was steady. This led me to believe it was a cable issue. Reran the cable using Shielded Cat 5e, same problem. Originally Cat6 was used.

After calling tech support again, they want me to check the voltage on pin 1 and 8 and also try a new program because what I have may be corrupted??? I have another ZC1 in a different room and it works fine.

So, anyone have an issue like this? Can SPL affect the signal travel. We are dealing with SPL's of just under 100. 6400 watts for two JBL CBT1000+1000E. I just can't believe I have two bad cable runs. They are clean and away from AC, fans and normal things we try to avoid. Cable run is roughly 200' at 20' in the air through a roofing deck. Zone Pro 640M, BOB and 2 ZC1's

Any help suggestions or trouble shooting ideas would be appreciated.


Brad Temple


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    I am having the same issue and would love to hear if anyone has found a solution.


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    RobertGillRobertGill Posts: 1

    Ive had the same problem. The solution ended up being to replace the zc-1 outright, as the encoder knob was sending bad info to the processor. While the new zc-1 was on its way i used another one in the building that was less important(and less touched) which also solved the volume spikes.

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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,369

    Yeah if you can verify that there is not anything in the Mid Channel Routers for that output like Self Ducking and/or you've ruled out cabling and the ZC-1 is doing the same thing directly connected outside of the installation Cat5 Wiring. Then it could very well be the ZC-1 itself has issues.

    Good work at utilizing the community here, sorry for the long delay but we have only just until recently started monitoring these forums.

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    Hello All, I have a nearly same issue.
    First when putting up the volume at max it can only reach about 80 of the maximum in the 640M.
    Leaving it like that could work by turning up the volume or boost the signal however from time to time it all of a sudden jumps too 100% making the sound very loud.
    We have 2 ZC 1 controller we have switched them around same issue. Connected them with a 1 meter cable same issue. Could it be the output voltage on the 640M thats not correct/stable? How many volts are there supposed to be between pin 1 and 8?
    Any other suggestions welcome as well.
    Thanks in Advance
    Gerard Daniels
    FIFA Vision Indonesia

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