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Can DriveRack PA2 work for monitors (dual mono with independent AFS)?

I want to use PA2's for floor monitors (2 units, 4 channels) in which case I would like to have two completely decoupled signal chains with AFS and such on each that are independent. Looking at the manual on pg 32 I see "NOTE: Signals sent to the PA2’s LEFT and RIGHT inputs are summed to mono before entering AFS..". Does this mean it is not possible to use AFS when using dual mono mode, or does it mean that the EQ filters that come from AFS are always applied to both channels irrespective of using stereo or dual mono mode?


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,376
    edited March 2020

    The AFS on the PA2 will not work in Dual Mono Mode, you would need an AFS2 or a Venu360 to accomplish this. The Signal flow on the PA2 will always work in the signal flow as demonstrated by the block diagram. The Venu360 allows you to link/unlink the AFS Module (and it sits first in the chain) The PA2 is pretty locked in while the Venu360 is more Ad Hoc and allows a bit more customization (also has an aux feed)

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