Drive Rack 360 Venue and PA2 tuning updates

I have a Venue 360 and PA2 drive rack. I am running JBLSRX 835 BI amp on top of JBL SRX 828s subs powered by Crown XTI 6002low, XTI 4002 mid, and and XTI2002 highs. Using JBL PRX 812 powered monitors. Neither of these speaker tunings are available in the Wizard Speaker selection menu. Are these available through a software update.
Help is appreciated!


  • mortenmorten Posts: 2

    need dbtechnologies DVA S10DP also ..
    and it would be nice to include the box pro speakers

  • my QSC gx5 amp isn't in there nor is my JBL SRX818s sub and its Crown XLI 3500 amp - is there any way we can add our own tunings?

  • Would it be possible to help you guys at DBX with certain tunings of speakers, amps that I own and can can give input in the end be included in your downloadable cloud tunings?

    It would have been so smooth to find my stuff in the list of tunings for DriveRack PA2!

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