DriveRack PA2 and dual Turbosound iP1000s, setup process and recommended router

Live sound newbie who wants to up my game, starting with feedback suppression. I have a pair of Turbosound iP1000's that sound great and am mixing/recording with a Zoom LiveTrak L-20. Getting OK results but want to avoid/suppress feedback and do a better job matching the system to the venues, so got a DriveRack PA2. Two main issues:
1. (Small issue) Any recommendations for a (cheap) router for the road: The PA2 Control app on my iPad talks to the PA2 when the PA2 is cable-connected to my home router. But I'd appreciate any recommendations or tips for using a router (with no Internet connection) on location.
2. (Bigger issue) The Speaker and Amp Setup Wizard does not seem to make sense when I try to connect my pair of self-powered Turbosound iP1000 tower line array/subwoofer units. Indeed, the Setup Wizard does not seem to offer any selections for self-powered speakers, at least for "none of the above" brand/models not in the device/app list of speakers. It keeps wanting to configure a Crown amp. Any suggestions? Is one of the listed brand/models similar enough to the iP1000 that I could use that?
Thanks for any help.

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