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cant live without dbx !!

loopylynnieloopylynnie Posts: 2
Hi can anyone help me ?
My dbx pa went all wierd on me.
The l.e.d screen was unreadale.
I switched it on/off 3 times and it corrected itself.
Big gig big money goin home if it hadnt worked!!
Does this happen often to anyone else ?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There are a few possibilities:

    *1.* Corrupt software :shock: , See the manual and do a 'hard reset' *Note* all user setup programs will be lost, they will revert to factory presets. This failure may or may not be accompanied by sonic anomalies also. :roll: *

    *2. *Bad display, contact 'tech support' :? :

    3. Iternal electronic failure, or perhaps interface problem/s with the display...perhaps a problem exists with the 'LCD' display's connections with the circutry... this would be a 'contact strip' or strips, that carry the signals from the board to the display...If under warranty service...use DBX service. If you are qualified to do the testing/troubleshooting, check the display and make sure it is firmly pressed into its holder. You coud check the displays contact strips for problems. If you are not qualified, seek professional help. :arrow:

    I must say I wonder why if:
    \"Big gig big money goin home if it hadnt worked!! \" :cry:
    were actually true, that you wouldn't have a backup for most \"vital\" system components. :oops:

    1. mixer power supply backup
    2. Backup crossover/EQ
    3. Mics
    4. DI boxes
    5. Monitors
    6. Amps

    *These things are potential show stoppers. :evil: The more versitile the primary and backup solutions are, the less chances for the \" worst case cenario\". :o
    I would recomend the DRPA be relgated to backup status, :wink: and at least a 260 be installed. :D I believe the additional PEQ's alone are worth the difference in price :!: The other improvements are mind boggling if you are just getting into the whole system tuning, and setup thing, once you have tried it, you can't figure out how you could have ever done sound without it... :shock:

    I also question why you would select the DRPA when the 260 could have made your experience that much better( eliminating the \"turn off explosion\", and the loss of saved settings, since we can 'upload the settings' to the computer for future'download' in the 260) :? ( and believe you me... there is a HUGE difference!) and is a bit more reliable...PLUS being upgradable(IF they EVER 'DBX' put the USERS feature requests into a revision of the software...) by a simple download of updates as a corresponding .dwp file, or system 'restore' function with a major upate.

    Be well

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