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Electrical Power Supply -- DRPA

Art DearingArt Dearing Posts: 7
edited March 2006 in PA General Discussion

Howdy! I've been lurking for quite some time without posting much because of my limited technical knowledge of the DRPA.

I use it every gig, but for sure it has been under utilized by my lack of expertise with settings. However, that's another issue

The reason I am posting has to do with a recent incident that happened this past weekend while setting up for the event. I use Active Speakers. In my rack, I have a BBE and DRPA. Here's what happened. Keep in mind that I have not had an issue like this since the DRPA and BBE have been in my rig...and I have probably used this setup well over 50 gigs.

I have a rack mounted DJ 8-switch power panel in the road case that each component is attached: CD/Mixer, Mic, DRPA, BBE.

The building where I was playing is rather old. Bands have used the same electrical outlets.

When I switched on the Mixer/CD Player, Mic, DRPA, BBE (speakers are not yet powered up) the DRPA did its initial light display, but then went directly into CLIP. The DRPA Left and Right monitors were dancing like one would see on an EQ screen...the BBE also went into CLIP mode. I tried switching to other electrical power outlets on the floor, but nothing stopped this abnormality. I was really sweating bullets at this point...can you imagine!
After 15 minutes of checking connections that were the same as always, I decided it was a lost cause. At this point I had 10 minutes left before guests would be arriving. I shut down the BBE and DRPA. Took the left and right outputs from the CD/Mixer and connected them directly to the Left and Right speaker arrays. Sound came out as expected, but I did notice some background noise...not alot, but some.

The next day, I brought the rack unit inside to my office, plugged it in and turned on everything like I normally would do, except that I didn't feel it was necessary to speakers. The DRPA and BBE worked just fine...like always.

Any ideas what may have caused the \"freak out\" at this particular venue location? It was not a new building and bands have played there frequently.

Your thoughts, please. I may have to play at this venue again and want to be prepared to handle the situation should it arise again.

DJ Art


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, first off since the DRPA and BBE( I reallly think you should get rid of that thing... they are just distortion generators...) BOTH exhibited the same behavior I would say its the mixer...or cabling between them and the mixer...

    You mentioned that there was noise when you hooked up to the speakers direct... this would substantiate that the mixer, or cabling was the cause of the anomaly.. You just need to find out which it was.

    If you dont already have one get a good UPS with filters, and that will help prevent some other potentially nasty things from happening...

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