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Help with inital setup...

KellyMicKellyMic Posts: 2
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I have been building a system for my DJ'n and have it pretty much ready. I got my driverack installed but being new to the hardware I'm looking for some basic feedback and help.


2 JBL TR 225s
Powered by Crown CE1000 w/SSX-ST Crossover

Powered by Crown CE2000 (bridged)

PC (using digital Vinyl) with EMU 1820 soundcard
Feeds into Numark PD9000

Two Technics 1200s
DJM-600 Mixer

Driverack PA

Two of us DJ together on stage. I use the PC and Numark PD9000 mixer that feeds into channel 1 on the DJM-600. From there the DJM-600 master out plugs into the amps.

We were sending signal into CE1000 and with the SST-SX crossover we sent the Sub out to the CE2000.

I got a driverack to go in between the DJM-600 and the amps. When I start to configure the driverack I'm not positive how to configure it. Sending the Low to the Low outs was straightforward but I'm not sure the best way to send both Mids & Highs to the same output on the driverack. Also the JBL TR 225s are not in the driverack wizard so I'm still testing the best config for them.

I can get the sound output but its just not right, its obviously not set correctly but the reality is I just don't know enough about the driverack to get the sound quality I would expect. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

Some questions I have include:

1. Is 2 x 3 the best setting for this?

2. What frequencies would be best for the Low range and the Mid/High ranges?

3. For such a basic system is the compressor a good idea and what is a general setting?

4. What all should be considered for setting up the limiter?

Thanks in advance,


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    1. yes
    2. I'd start @ 120 hz @ LR 24 for the lo to Mid HI xover I'd use a BW 18 @ 45hz for the HPF for the sub. Use lo and Hi outs.
    4. Look at the other site in the \"tutorials section, there's a lot of info there.

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