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new setup for my new driverack pa!

HorneHorne Posts: 3
edited April 2006 in PA General Discussion
Hi Folks;
Just wanted to say that i am a proud owner of my first dbx driverack pa. Haven't had time to hook it up yet, but thought i would get a good kick off by asking a few questions right off the bat. (if you don't mind?)
First of all, i will be setting up a bi-amp situation:
1. will be using powered b52 18\" subs (2 ea.)
2. mains are EV elimators (2 ea)
3. amps are qsc 2450's (each in mono and one driving each main)
4. monitors are all sure inear monitors
5 using sure sm58 beta's microphones

What do you think a fresh setup world look like with my driverack pa?(better yet how would you folks set it up?)
And by the way thanks for takeing the time to look at my email ! Hope i don't sound too stupid!
Tom :roll:


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    This has become the department of redundancy department... I don't mean to make jokes, but I just covered the same subject in the last post... right below yours...I will change a few details for you particulr system. That way I won't have to re-write everything...
    All right... fast and dirty:
    Note: this is a \"starting point..
    1.HPF (lowest point the sub will be allowed to go) for the sub... BW18 @ 40-45 hz deending on the power you have, if you have at least 2X the RMS power you could go lower...
    2. Sub, LPF (highest frequency the sub will be allowed to go), 100 hz L/R24
    3.HPF, tops, 100 hz L/R24 to out (no LPF just let the speakers reproduce what they can.
    As for alignment delay: :cry:
    You don't have enough delay to do the job properly... you need 7-8 ms for the subs, and another 7 for the delay( the sub is probably about an 8' delay so the delay would have to be applied to the mid and horn...) in the crossover... just sweep through the delay and see if there is a delay setting that sounds best.

    Use an all custom set up in the Wizard (I'd go 2X3 and run the subs mono and put them together on whichever side. if there is a boundary close I would go to that side unless you need to set up anywhere around 3.6 feet from any boundary (up off the floor , from the back wall, from a side wall)...avoid this dimention like the PLAGUE!(for subs) Its called boundary cancellation, and that distance is the kick's first harmonic, AND THE KICK WILL DISSAPEAR. :shock:

    Read the tutorials section... this info and more is there...here...
    http://www.driverack.com/drug/forum_sta ... forumid=24

    keep us informed
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    HorneHorne Posts: 3
    hey gadget,
    didn't mean to sound so redundant, but didn't see a whole lot with my particular setup. sorry about that. but, if i was to step up to a higher model of driverack, would that make a difference in the delay settings?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I am glad you asked...The answer is an unequivocal YES! Believe it or not,
    while the DRPA has a total of 60 ms (10 ms per OUTPUT channel), the 260 has 2.7 SECONDS of delay..but over and above that there is a laundry list of features that make the couple hundred xtra dollars seem like peanut change.

    Get the 260, it is FAR superior to the DRPA...

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