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riddle me this

racerxracerx Posts: 2
ok.. i was looking to get a driverack for my church's youth service. And then i realized there are so many different driveracks..

so how badly do i need a driverack 260? will a regret buying a PA?

seems like the PA runs less effects at a time.. and doesn't interface with a computer, but i can't figure out what any other differences are.. any help would be.. helpful.. ha



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The DRPA is a good piece that has a few quirks, the 260 is a great piece that is well thought out and complete. The list of feature differences is extensive.
    I'm going to (with my permission) :lol: re-post one of my old posts here :wink:

    Well, I have both. I will only use the DRPA in a disco/type system where advanced functions are not necessary. Here is a list as best I can remember of the 260 VS DRPA.
    The differences have been covered on this user group about a year or so ago. But since it's not that easy to find something ;-) Most important advantages of the 260 are:
    GUI control and firmware updater
    output relays (saves a lot of headaches!)
    muting buttons per output channel
    dual mono settings
    more PEQ's, DRPA has 3 hor hi's and 2 each mids and lows, the 260 has 4 for each output
    longer delay-times the DRPA has only 60ms,10 per output...and is not redistributable, the 260 has 2.7 seconds and you can redistribute it as needed
    full function input mixer
    outputs freely configurable
    much more flexible auto-eq functionality
    It's really quite a difference.
    Almost forgot one of the most important advantages of the 260 over the pa, at least as far as I'm concerned: full functional security! You can also freely configureany of the 6 outputs to do anything you can imagine within the confines of the units functions, and true dual mono operation which the DRPA cannot do

    Where the PA only has a simple lockout (which can be by switched off by anyone who can read the online-manual), with the 260 different security levels can be assigned to any function.
    Anyway, with the DRPA, the RTA (Real Time Analizer) and Auto-eq can only be used in combination with each other (within the auto-eq wizard).

    The 260-user can switch on and off the pink noise on the input mixer, view the analizer with any signal (even on the computer-screen via the GUI-control) and then decide wether or not to use the auto-eq function. Much more flexibility.

    So for my money(and I just purchase another one)its the 260...When you get it make sure you have version 1.01 or use the updater and load the new program befroe you do any of your own programing.
    Be well
    Gary Perrett
    TZ productions
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