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Using Drive Rack for Stage monitors

DuckDuck Posts: 3
edited April 2006 in PA General Discussion
I have a new drive rack PA and use it for the Mains, it works really well. I was wondering can I use another one to run the stage monitors?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Duck? :lol:

    Interesting name... :shock: I guess you could, but all the functions are not available to both channels ...separatley. But as long as both monitors are the same... It would work...A 260 would be way better, but I have seen it done. Actually, I have had that question a lot, and I DO NOT ever say never, always, can't... my creedo is \" the difficult we do immediatly, the impossible just takes a little longer\"... thanks dad!

    Anyway... the thing here, is to understand what you have to work with, and use it to your best advantage.

    If you were to look @ the block diagram in the manual you will see what you have that is not linked... Linked means tied together... what you do to one, you will do to the other... So if they are tied together you can't do something different to each channel. That does not mean this is not a usable module.. however. :)

    see what you think... and let me know ..

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    DuckDuck Posts: 3
    I should have explained the sdystem more. We have seperate amps and speakers for the monitors on stage. We have 3 large floor wedges and 1 pair is on one amp and the piano monitor has its on amp. The mix if for one person. My wife sings and does a stage show which involves her playing the piano with some of the songs she sings.

    The Drive rack PA we have we use only for the mains 2X3 with a mono sub. Seperate amps for the right, left mains and another one for the subs. They would all be independant from the stage set up. We also have a reference mic for set up.

    I was hoping to buy another Drive Rack and make setting up the monitors as easey as the rest.

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    Given that your only interest is to run this new DRPA on the monitors, I am going to assume that the most needed function is going to be the AFS feature. My solution was to just purchase the AFS224 from DBX and use them exclusively on the monitors. Now, this is mostly because I am running 4 monitor mixes from FOH and have my hands full enough mixing these guys that I mostly meet about an hour before show time. Just as easy to setup as the DRPA (ok really, even easier) and has 24 notch filters per channel at your disposal.
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