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Carvin TRX tunings

blslatonblslaton Posts: 2
edited January 2007 in 200 Series General Discussion
Does anyone have PEQ settings for the TRX118 Sub.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I don't think you have much chance of that here, but what about the Carvin site's forum? I could not even find a response sheet for ANY trx speaker...on the site

  • chestychesty Posts: 8
    We use the TRX153 mains and the TRX 218 subs. The range of the subs is 25-150 and 65-12k for the mains if I remember correctly. They recommend a cross-over setting of 80-100 for the subs and 400-600 for the mains.

    I set a high-pass of 50 for the subs and a low pass of 70 for the subs

    for the mains I set a high pass of 400.

    This seems to work fairly well. The vocals are still not clear, but that is a different story. I need to re-pink the room at these new settings though.
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