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need configuration help for dpx driverack PA

trinitymlktrinitymlk Posts: 2
edited April 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard

I am need of some help getting my set-up running.

I am trying to run 2 JBL SF-15's for highs and 4 18\" Scoop bins for lows.

I have a Crown CE-1000 to push the two SF-15's and a Crown CE-4000 to push the four custom made scoop bins containing Madison Executioner x 18\" 1000 Watt Drivers.

I purchased a dbx driverack PA to act as my crossover, and need some help configuring the crossover point (I think thats the problem).

I currently have the two SF-15s as my left and right channels from the CE-100.

I have the scoop bins daisy chained so that the left Channel of the CE-4000 goes out to one scoop which is then daisy chained to a second scoop via a double speakon outlet on the back of the scoop. The same for the right side.

I used the \"Auto-wizard\" set-up function where I was able to identify the exact models of amps I'm using, and I was able to identify the highs as SF-15's, but I had to input the scoops as \"Custom.\"

When I fired everything up, the highs were getting a strong signal and bumping loud, but the scoop bins sound like they are barely on. They are definatley getting some signal, but its very faint.

It seemed like they were not getting enough power, so I quickly shut the system down.

There was never a point where I set the crossover point. I thought that the dbx \"Autowizrd\" was going to set that for me.

Can you all provide some guidance for a newbie to get the right crossover point set.

I'm playing reggae music, so I want a mix with HEAVY lowend.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Here are the specs for my Scoop Bins:

> >FS 36hz
> >VAS 6.95
> >SD 213.82
> >Qts 0.545
> >Qes 0.577
> >Qms 9.79
> >BL 23.86
> >Re 5.5 x 2
> >Nominal Ohms 8
> >Le 2.858m H
> >Mms 259.59
> >X max 0.75
> >X mech 1.5\"
> >SPL 103db
> >Freq. Res. 30-1500hz
> >Coil size 4\"
> >Coil type copper clad aluminum
> >Cone type treated paper
> >surround type accordion
> >Binding posts gold
> >basket type cast aluminum cast aluminum cast aluminum
> >Magnet size 100oz. 200oz. 200oz.
> >Power RMS 1000 watts
> >Power Peak 2000 watt


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You haven't provided enough info. You gave us info on the madisound driver...not the speaker/cabinet...Did you do an indoor auto EQ? If so that is likley the cause of your problem...I recomend you go here:
    http://www.driverack.com/drug/forum_sta ... forumid=24

    And read all the info provided in the tutorials sections. This will start you twords getting you to understanding why you have this problem.

    Are those subs the Horn loaded (44.5\" X 44.5 X 22.5\")blatent copies of the LABsub? (you mention scoups, but that is a design that hasn't been used in some time (and shouldn't).

    What happens when you just use a filter? or connect them direct? Do the subs kick then? You are probably dealing with modes.( standing wqaves that couple to create super base pockets that cause the Auto Eq to think there is too much bass...

    Read up and return with your questions..
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