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sburch126sburch126 Posts: 3
I take it this sight isn't for people looking for older dbx gear.But is there any way you could direct me to a sight that is.I am looking for rack ears for series 2 and DS series one rack space home hifi gear.Thanks


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    It is considered YELLING when you use all caps, and bad form...

    I suggest you click on \"tech support\" and ask Mike if there is anything available for your older products.. amke sure you include model info..

    I constantly see that kind of thing being offered up on EBAY. If ytou are able to adapt them...

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    Thanks alot.I will do that.I am probably a dbx on ebay expert by now.I got
    a pretty good surround sound system off of ebay.Most of the pieces came
    with ears but some times I just had to get them without to get what I wanted for a good price.Now I have 5 pieces that I need ears for and it is tough to get them.I contact the buyers and sellers and if they do come up the price is way to high.Thanks for the advice.If anybody else has any ideas or has some please let me know.
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    TimmyPTimmyP Posts: 4
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