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Looking for Manual/Info on dbx 119

SciFiArtManSciFiArtMan Posts: 2
I'm looking for a user manual for a dbx 119 unit, in PDF format hopefully. Or I need some info on the jumper near the AC input of this unit.

My problem is I have an old dbx 119 compander which has a standard US two blade AC cord on it (looks to be the original brown cord), but on the rear panel near the AC cord connection it says 220v (on a little silver sticker, probably over the original 110v label).

So I don't know what to think, since it has the usual two blade plug and not any kind of euro type plug. There's a white jumper connecting 2 poles (out of 3) near the AC input on the circuitboard. I'm hoping this jumper switches between 110v and the 220v it's probably set for now?

I haven't pugged it in yet, because I'm not sure what's going on with this.

Any info on my situation or user manual quest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You also might contact 'tech support' (above) If its available Mike will help find out..
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    smiffysmiffy Posts: 1
    My DBX 119 bought decades ago has a silver sticker marked 240V above the legends 50/60 HZ and 2 WATTS on the back panel above the exit for the mains lead. Lots of hi-fi around this time came with American 2 pin plugs and some amplifiers of this vintage had mains outlets which could take them . Then along came EU regulations to spoil this. My DBX 117/119 manual shows a jumper ( link ) behind the transformer - this sets the voltage to 110V or 220V. My stickered 119 is definitely UK voltage.

    My manual has a circuit diagram and component position layouts - I could probably scan it if need be :)
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    mikeyozmikeyoz Posts: 1
    smiffy wrote:

    My manual has a circuit diagram and component position layouts - I could probably scan it if need be :)

    Smiffy, I would really like a scan of your manual if its not too much trouble?

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