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Auto EQ on the 4800?

pbutlerpbutler Posts: 3
edited November 2009 in 4800 General Discussion
I have the 4800 drive rack, and have seen several advertisements for auto eq on the dbx 4800 (outside of the dbx website) which appear to be in err because I have yet to see that option on mine. Is it true that it is not an option on the 4800?

If not, I was wondering if this is going to be made available with future firmware updates? Seeing this is a much more powerful unit than the driverack pa, I would assume that we would have more features while still keeping the original features.

Maybe someone can bring me up to date on this one.

Thanks for your time,


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I have no real info on this,,, except that the 'auto EQ' is NOT considered a professional feature, by DBX. The 480 series and up, are considered \"professional\" while the 260 and DRPA are not.

    You could contact Mike @ Tech support (above) he would find out for you...
  • pbutlerpbutler Posts: 3
    Thanks Gadget - will do.

  • I had driverack pa. I was very happy with its work. The most important thing for me is Auto EQ. I should work with different acoustic systems and different halls. I have bought DR4800 in hope that it will give me the big possibilities. I Have been surprised when have not found out Auto EQ in the menu. I am very malicious. What to do? I have spent many money for this device
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The Auto Eq is not considered a PRO level feature...Most folks that use the 4800 use SMAART or some other FFT based measurement system that takes into account other things like phase and time that RTA based systems do not...If you wish you could still use the DRPA and transfer the settings to the 4800... thats the best I can offer...

  • Smaart has no auto EQ. I have hardware analyzer for manual use. I have paid $4000 for that to simplify and accelerate the work. Manual adjustment EQ occupies a lot of time and makes inconvenience to people. Because acoustic systems give not the exact responds on еq. For this purpose it is necessary to do measure many times. With auto eq I adjust all system in few minutes.
    I work for a long time with auto EQ. This system does measurements some times for come nearer to an ideal. I have studied all merits and demerits of Auto EQ. I set a microphone so that after auto eq work it is not necessary to edit result .it is difficultly achieved following the manufacturer instruction.
    Pro or not Pro. In my opinion not professionally to call one name different devices (Driverack). Auto eq - it is the tool. You can use it or not. Pro or not Pro. It is an estimation of your work
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I understand...I too find it useful. The pro audio community does not agree... they think Auto EQ is less than useless...Here we are simply a group of users that try and help others over the technical hurdles associated with the driverack, and all other dbx products. While dbx offers this forum, they do not actively monitor it. This is basically ours to discuss all things dbx. I'm not certain the call of two voices would be enough to get dbx to offer the Auto EQ on the 4800. I too have a 4800.. and I could and would use the feature on it, but alas it is not offered.

  • I think that these two voices are loser voices. Many users have not bought and will not buy DR4800 because there are not present Auto EQ. A problem that in a 4800 manual there are words about Auto EQ Wizard. But I have not paid attention that there is no detailed description. It is possible to call it a deceit. Two voices it is a lot. I could приобреÑ?ти these devices for my business. Now i going to sell this one. My friends will not buy DR4800 too. Those who will read this forum will reflect. So DBX will create a new firmware, or will lose buyers. Auto EQ is modern technology. Time is money. Auto EQ saves money. Thank you Gadget for respond. May be you will help me to resolve this problem.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sure I'll put my 2 cents worth but in the end it's up to dbx to make that available...but I will try...

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