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DriveRack-PA possibilities?

volume11volume11 Posts: 3
edited May 2006 in PA Connectivity
Hi DBX guys,
Wanted to recheck some previous advice received...

Using all PLX Amplifiers---Currently planning on running 2x5-way x/over setup: Biamp Stereo: L/R High/Mids, L/R Mid Lows (Community XLTE-46) plus Mono Subs (XLTE-55)

Is it possible to \"bypass\" the x/over templates and hook-up an additional set (mono will work) of coaxial \"room delay\" position speakers, utilizing all outputs??
[I understand that a 260 would probably do the job nicely, but that's not what i have.]
Could you explain if/how exactly this can be done using all (6) outputs?

Also would like to know if a room alignment device could be installed inbetween the driverack-PA and the amp for the coaxials?

ThankYou for your time.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You are asking a LOT. You would need to delay as much as 5 of the channels, and in stereo, you would need up to 5 channels of delay. You would also only have 2 PEQ's for the mids and lows, and 3 for the hi outs. I don't get what you are trying to acomplish from your description..
  • volume11volume11 Posts: 3
    Couldn't get on line for a while................

    Sorry to be confusing.
    Let me back-up a bit:
    CAN i hookup the biamped 46's, the coaxials (mono will work if necessary on those) & a Pair of subs on (6) Six outputs?

    (Talk about alignment later)

    thanks again
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The DRPA will not do 5 way. The DRPA does NOT have enough alignment delay either. I believe you could set up a 2x6 and set each as a bandpass. that way you would have 6 separate outputs... I'll have to get the DRPA out sometime and see if that flys, and what the limitations are. I know for a fact the \"HI\" outs do NOT have a lopass available...
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