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Wanted: Idiots guide to DRPA

Iain BallantyneIain Ballantyne Posts: 2
edited November 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
At this point you're all thinking, not another damned question about driverack but please stick with it. My core rig now consists of four 1232 and four 1801 Mackie. I wanted the driverack for two reasons, one is that I liked the ability to use the feedback elimination system and to alter the cross over set points. The second is that there have been times when we've hired larger venues complete with their own PA systems and DRPA have been a feature so understanding them would be pretty helpful. I am not overly interested in the onboard RTA or the limiters although I will come to this later. At the risk of boring you gentle people rigid, I would like a sensible response to the following custom set up:

- Chose the 2 X 4 setup
- Input set up : stereo (drum pads and keys used)
- Graphic EQ: Dual mono (why not stereo?)
- Main speaker: Custom passive
- Sub: Custom stereo
- High Amp: Custom
- Low Amp: Custom

At this point I saved the setup and didn't engage the RTA however I would like a detailed response please on how I can set up the gain structure in what is in effect a closed active system. How do I do it? What will I lose if I don't do it?

For the cross over system, I have selected a floor of 42.5Hz for the subs and a cross over of 85Hz to try out. The question for the experts is what gain figure do I put in for the sub and tops? The reason for asking this was that the first time I used the DRPA, I was seeing a controlled output on my desk but very little on the threshhold bars on the DRPA leading to you guessed it, a quiet gig. Fortunately the venue was fairly small so I got away with it however I was conscious that my remaining headspace also sounded a little harsh if used. I realised I needed a make up gain somewhere but didn't know how to apply it.

In summary I was lucky and probably introduced a a very poor setup to the rig.

I've read the threads on both the DBX and Mackie sites but it only added to the confusion. My main concern is there appears to be an awful lot of people out there who want to use this system but there is little concise instruction written about it's application to Mackie making me nervous about compromising my equipment. Any help from any quarter would be appreciated.

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