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DJ System Setup

MartinMartin Posts: 3
edited June 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
I have 2# dns3500 going into dnx1500 mixer then into the DRPA by xlr plugs then to jbl jr100 series 18\" powered sub and 2# eon g2's.
Can someone guide me through the correct setup for this mobile dj system with emphasis on the compressor/limiter setup? Would the DRPA automatically set the crossover points for the system?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    If you are using this system for DJ work, the last thing you want to do is use a compressor, on highly compressed material. The Limiter is only somewhat usefull since it doesn't have peakstop.

    I would set up 2x3 in the wizard, you could use the c300 preset, since its an unpowered passive full range. Set up custom for subs.

    No the DRPA won't set up the crossover automatically. It will use what you set.
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    MartinMartin Posts: 3
    1) I hear you but the JBL Eon G2s and JRX118sp are powered enclosures why would I set up the DRPA to play passive enclosures.

    2) How would you set up the limiter?
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    Did you mean you have the following equipment:

    (2) Denon DN-S3500 CD/MP3 players
    (1) Denon DN-X1500 DJ mixer
    (1) dbx DRPA
    (2) JBL EON10 G2 or EON15 G2 powered tops?
    (2) JBL JRX118SP powered subs
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well... your just not thinking like a DSP. The C300 I specified is the passive version of the mackie SRM450.. Ok the SRM's are active, the C300 is not, what you are doing in the case of the C300, is using a preset that provides a bandpass only. The thing about the C300 preset, is, it doesn't have ANY processing in any of the modules... they are all blank, but its ready for you to input the speaker settings. Those could be provided by an Auto EQ, A manufacturers preset, or your own best tuning effort...

    This isn't a preset for the speakers you have, but it will work for JBL, Yamaha, EAW ... what ever speakers you have. Impliment a sub, and go with a 2x3 xover and set the HPF for the sub (lowest frequency it will produce) and an LPF (highest frequency the subs will be allowed to reproduce) and a HPF for the mid hi cabs... thats it!

    With this config, you can set up a fullrange for the tops so they can be used without subs (store this and make sure you can identify it as such), and also set up the 2x3 as mentioned for a stereo tops, mono subs setup... make sure to save this setup also. You should have the specs and settings Mackie suggests, if not that info is at their website.

    I have been known to give starting points for systems (this particular one I would say at least .... times..) and those are freely searchable, but you would need to go to the \"FORMER FORUM HOME\" and, that you can access by clicking on the link above... The problem with providing all the answers is, you never learn anything... you need to go through the steps in order to be able to trouble shoot the system, and be able to acess, and impliment the changes. Read the 'tutorials\" sections also, for further tips and hints.

    Then if you have further questions ask them.

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