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Need Tutoring -- DRPA Setup

Art DearingArt Dearing Posts: 7
edited November 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
:D Need teacher for tutoring this old dog how to setup the DRPA. Most importantly, Crossover setups.

Anyone lurking here from North Carolina near Fayetteville, NC?

Need someone to explain, demonstrate, and teach this \"old\" dog how to make better use of the DRPA.

Gadget, I've removed the BBE from the DRPA system road case. :lol:

Thanking whomever in advance!

OH! I'm a DJ not musician, so I do mostly Wddings, but some big functions, too. I did a 750 person ballroom event a few weeks ago, and could have really used the tech support to EQ the room for best sound.

All of my speakers are Active and have built in Crossovers and are matched to the Subwoofers (15\"). I have a pair of Mackie 1530, 3-Way speakers and the other two main speakers are RCF, 2-way. The subwoofers are RCF and are 15\" vs. 18\". Oh, how I'd like to have a pair of Active 18\" subs. Maybe in the future!

Again, thanks for listening...anybody.

DJ Art


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