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Driverack with two speakers

vortexvortex Posts: 3
edited June 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
I am considering getting the Driverack for a small practice space using a Mackie 808s and two passive speakers.

Would it be possible to use the Driverack with this configuration and still have decent sound quality?

I noticed that the back of the Driverack has seperate outputs for the lows, mids, and highs, and I don't know much about this type of equipment.

Thanks for your help.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The cool thing is, even if you are using self powered speakers, you can use the PEQ's, Geq's, set your own Xover points, use the (limited) delays, Feedback processor, Sub synth... It sounds great, has improved (dramatically)every system I have used it on.

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    vortexvortex Posts: 3
    Would I connect the speakers to the mid or high outputs?
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    Gotta jump in, Gadget.

    He said an 808S (that's a powered mixer) and PASSIVE speakers.
    The DRPA is not designed to take a speaker level signal. You would need to take the UNpowered mix out of the front jacks, run it to the DRPA, and then feed it back into the powered mixers \"power amp ins\" on the front. You would likely select 2x2 mode (stereo in, stereo full range out) and use the high outs, but the pictured diagram on the LED screen will actually tell you which outputs to use depending on system mode selected.

    I like my DRPA. BUT I think for an 808 mixer and a set of tops, it's overkill unless you plan on expanding in the near future. IF you are using the 808 in main/monitor mode, you're really only able to use one side of the drpa because several functions are linked side to side.

    Now IF you are adding subs and a power amp (or powered subs), you could use the DRPA going from the unpowered mix out to the DRPA, returning the drpa high out to the mixer's power amp in (feeding the tops from the normal mixer speaker outs) and the DRPA low out(s) to the sub amp. This is getting a lot more use out of the DRPA.

    Mike McNany
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