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How???(Driverack w/ Yamaha s115v)

DJ CityDJ City Posts: 7
edited June 2006 in PA General Discussion
I have a set of Yamaha s115v's (Great Speakers).

I know there is a setting in the driverack to optomize these speakers. I have only seen the setting for the Yamaha s115v's in full range (using the yamahas alone)

I would like to set the driverack to run the Yamahas and my subs.

I have custom built dub 18 sub cabs and have the driverack all set up to run them.

I want the driverack to drive the Yamaha s115v's and the subs.

How do I do this???


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    The speaker settings can be used in the other system modes. When you do the setup wizard, you select the system mode like stereo 2x3 (mono subs) or 2x4 (stereo subs) and just select the Yamaha S115V settings for the top speakers. In the crossover setup you will select a hipass (low cut) for the tops and a low pass(hi cut) for the subs.

    Yes, the stored speaker data should cover the speaker's full range performance so it can be used by themselves OR with subs. The crossover settings will take care of the low end points.

    Don't forget that you can alter and store several programs for each speaker types you have. I have settings for each of the 3 different tops I may use stored with and without subs, so that's 6 programs (only one set of subs ;>). And NONE of my speakers have factory installed settings in the DRPA.

    Mike McNany
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    DJ CityDJ City Posts: 7
    Thanx for your reply.

    All that you said sounds great and I know that it can be done but... I am BRAND NEW to the world of Driveracks. I don't know how to access the different settings or how to customize the driverack for what I have. To me the owners manual is useless.

    Could you give me a step by step on how to set it up?

    I run tops alone (Full range) or a 2 way system (Tops & Bottoms).

    For tops alone, I use my Yamaha s115v's

    For tops & bottoms I use my Yamaha s115v's (tops) and my custom built double 18 cabs (bottom)

    I use my QSC PLX3002 for tops or I use Beheringer EP2500 (backup amp)

    For my low end I use QSC 4000 (Yes, the old Powerhorse).

    In time I will get a Crown XTI 4000 to run my bottoms.

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    turbovtkturbovtk Posts: 4
    I am new to the world of Driveracks also- looking to see the input you get on this. Sometimes I wonder if its better to use a set of all dbx components for more on the fly changes to the sound.
    here is the link to my thread with my concern- similar to yours but different speakers and subs. If i get answers first maybe that can help you. :wink:
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    DJ CityDJ City Posts: 7
    I don't mean to be a pain here but...Will anyone help a brotha out??? Please.

    If i'm asking for too much just let me know, but really, I just want the most out of my Driverack and of my soundsystem.

    I want to be able to tell the clubs that I DJ in to GO OUT & BUY the Driverack. I really like mine, I just wanna know how to get the most out of it.

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    As was mentioned, the manual leaves much to be desired.

    I find myself often guessing between wether to turn or push the program dial to get to where and change what I want.

    My DRPA is in a rack in the trailer and I'll have to pull it out and work through it in order to even begin to figure out a step by step process. Sorry for the delay.

    Gary (Gadget) wrote a detailed \"this is how to setup your DRPA\" procedure and it can be found in the old version message board archives. Please check there for now. Like operating a computer program, just know for sure it can be done helps ;>)

    Mike McNany
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