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New User of DRPA for Soon to Open Pub

OSCOSC Posts: 3
edited July 2006 in PA General Discussion
Hello to all,

I am currently opening up a Pub (200sqm) with live music palying.
and I am in great need of set up assistance as i am not such a technical person.

My equipment are as follows,

DriveRack PA
Crown CE2000 - EAW LA215 (L/R) hanging both side of the stage
Crown CE4000 - EAW LA128 (L/R)

Inputs are:

2 Guitar amps miked-in
1 Bass amp miked-in
1 keyboard amp - miked-n
6 Vocal mics
7 pc drumset with 8 mics


- too much feedback
- crossover seems wrong becuase too much voices coming from the subs

please help me, I am really intending to buy a 260 but I can't figure this one out yet, I am also currently reading the manual but to be better I seek expert advise.

best regards,


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You probably should have given me an idea what you are doing now. But..

    In the wizard select stereo, strereo linked, custom speakers, custom amps 2x3 or 2x4.(2 in 3 out, 2 in 4 out.) following the prompts in the menu.. load setup. Press program. This is the program you just created. Press xover, set an HPF (lowest frequency the subs will go) @ 40hz @ BW 18 set the LPF (highest frequency the subs will be allowed to do) @ 100 hz @ LR24. Now set the tops up. Set the HPF for the tops @ LR24 @ 100hz. There is no LPF in the DRPA so it is said to go to out...(this means the speakers will be allowed to naturally limit themselves to whatever frequency's they can produce.

    Remember to now store the program you created, Name it and put it somewhere you can find it. Note: If you have a measurement mic, go here:

    http://www.shure.com/stellent/groups/pu ... _large.gif

    and scroll down to the ;tutorials section, and read all you can..

    Now you do a gain structure as per the back of the manual. Now play some great music and set the the system to taste using the GEQ..

    That should get you started..let me know..

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    OSCOSC Posts: 3
    Thanks so much, i will try what you have instructed and will also start more learning from there.

    best regards,
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