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Font Display Problem

SwordfishSwordfish Posts: 10
We occassionally use the software control on a laptop to tweak settings, and to make a backup of settings, but the software appears to have a font issue in that the font is extreemly bitmapped on screen, making it hard to read any of the functions/screens on the software on the laptop.

Is there a particular font that should be installed on the laptop to make sure that the type in the software displays cleanly?


  • Swordfish,

    Here are a couple of things that might affect font legibility in Driveware.

    1. (Most likely) If you are running at any DPI setting other than the U.S. Windows default setting of 96 DPI, fonts may not fit in their allotted area so things might be wrapped to two lines, or truncated.
    To check the DPI setting:
    A. Right click on your desktop and select \"Properties\".
    B. Select the \"Settings\" tab.
    C. Select \"Advanced\".
    D. Set the DPI setting to 96.

    2. (Less likely) Driveware depends on system fonts (like Arial or Times New Roman). If these fonts have been deleted or corrupted, Driveware wouldn’t work right.
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