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Serial Connectivity through Ethernet?

jamisonh16jamisonh16 Posts: 2
edited February 2007 in 200 Series Software Control
I'm curious to see what pins the 260 actually uses within the DB9 cable. I have ethernet ports that were installed running from my FOH to the stage breakout, however, I dont know if 1. The serial signal will even travel the 150+ ft. , and 2. If it will work if I wire the used pins on the DB9 to an ethernet jack.

I know I could get serial to ethernet adapters that will work, but they're also pricey.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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    kennykenny Posts: 15
    That would be pins 2,3 and 5 I think they are the red brown and yellow wires. Why not just put an xlr connector in db9 cord and run it through your snake? Yes, it will work on a 150 ft run.
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    I found that it will work just fine. Just this last week, I purchased a couple of DB9 to RJ-45 adaptors and ran a new CAT5e cable from FOH to our amp room. I moved the DR260 to the amp room to eliminate a ground loop between FOH and the amps. I plugged everything in and the GUI came up fine. I haven't had any issues with it at all (yet). I did have to use another channel of my snake for the RTA mic, but that's a small price to pay for no more ground loops and even clearer sound than before.
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