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soundrealsoundreal Posts: 3
I got anIBM T30 laptop, loaded Driveware. Working offline. Inserted 260, ran config, set peq's etc.. Then I couldn't figure out how to sav it. Could someone explain steps for saving a config. Then loading to drive rack. I couldn't find any explanation anywhere on this.
I assume when I'm connected to the 260 and load the program, the interface is like the front panel. Any latencey?

thanks Ed


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So you have the GUI working? and you can control the 260? Once you have the program set up, click on store.. Choose the location, name the preset, replace an existing program box will be selected. Click Ok, and your done...We know for sure that the LR 24 delays the subs about 7.5 milliseconds, this comes from a SMAART technician...The other crossover selections have not as yet been measured.. to my knowledge.
  • No not yet. Was working off line. Drack in front of a loaded trailer. I may not have clicked replace. I'll try that 1st. thanks Ed
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