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dbx 1066

hi , i have purchaced two of these units for my sound system , and am looking for some help using them , if anyone could give me some exact settings for 1.vocals and 2. acoustic guitar, and by exact i mean, all the dials and all the buttons , it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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    AJayAJay Posts: 28
    i don't mean to sound like a jerk, but no: nobody can really give you exact specifications for every button and knob.

    Audio is very subjective. How you put the settings could vary greatly depending on what sound you are looking for, the intensity and style of the performer, mics used to pick it up, ambience, and a lot of other factors.

    If there were magic fixed settings for vocalists or acoustic guitars, then why go through all the work to put all of those knobs on the unit?

    I think the best that can be done in your case is to more explicitly describe music type, purpose (recording, live, etc) signal chain, and what you want the end reslut to sound like, and ask for a range on several of the knobs instead of exact settings
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