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Understanding gain

mazekamazeka Posts: 8
edited November 2006 in PA General Discussion
I dowloaded the pink noize file.
1- I plaly the audio Cd into two input channels on the 01V96
2- Have the fader at 0
3- master fader at around -5 for some room.
4- use the gain to peak the channel inputs and back it down .
5- new the DRPA input meater should be arround 0
6- the six output meters are also aroud 0

after these steps any advice on how to set the amps attenuaters.

At the begining crosover peramerts are entered the DRPA
Aprreciate te help.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    ya set the amps till they just peak and turn them down a bit...Make sure the mixer is just at peak and NOT backed down yet . Then just mark the amps as that its the max they should ever be turned up to. Next play some good full range music through the system and use the amp controls to ballance the systems output so it sounds good.. remember turn down the loud source/sources.. never turn up anything past the marks you made on the amps.
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