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DRPA help Configuring with this setup....

dahaussdahauss Posts: 4
edited November 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
Can someone tell me how I should set the DRIVE RACK PA for the following setup:

6 JBL EON G1 (15 inch) Powered speakers daisy chained together coming out of the high output of the drive Rack PA

1 JBL MPRO 418SP Powered SUB with the satellite speaker....

the G1's asre flown up in the ceiling on a trussing system and the MPRO and satellite speaker are on the floor. What I need to know is what speakers so I select on the wizzard for the G1's? only G2's are listed in the wizzard. I did see the MPRO listed.. what setting to I set the levels at when it get to that point in the wizzard. Also is there anything I should do with the limitor or cross-over. We have DJ's here that like to turn up the bass on the mixer and I want to make it so they can not BLOW the sub as they have done that already 2 times. I dont think the person who was in chathe before has the DRPA configured Correctly..

Thanks for all of your help...



  • dahauss,

    You can select \"Custom Passive\" for your mains and \"Mono\" for your sub, \"Custom\" for all amps. You can then go into the X-over and alter the x-over settings to taste. For example rolling out the x-over points for the sub, so that you send full range to the sub and sat. For more information on setting up the Driverack PA check out this document.

    http://www.driverack.com/drug/view_thre ... d_id=41682 :D
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