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How to setup the DRPA?

dahaussdahauss Posts: 4
edited November 2006 in PA General Discussion
Can someone tell me how I should set the DRIVE RACK PA for the following setup:

6 JBL EON G1 (15 inch) Powered speakers daisy chained together coming out of the high output of the drive Rack PA

1 JBL MPRO 418SP Powered SUB with the satellite speaker....

the G1's asre flown up in the ceiling on a trussing system and the MPRO and satellite speaker are on the floor. What I need to know is what speakers so I select on the wizzard for the G1's? only G2's are listed in the wizzard. I did see the MPRO listed.. what setting to I set the levels at when it get to that point in the wizzard. Also is there anything I should do with the limitor or cross-over. We have DJ's here that like to turn up the bass on the mixer and I want to make it so they can not BLOW the sub as they have done that already 2 times. I dont think the person who was in chathe before has the DRPA configured Correctly..

Thanks for all of your help...



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I guess Id use the c300 preset which is a blank bandpass filter. Use the mono LOW out for the sub. Use a 2x2 setup and use one side.
    Set a 45-50 hz HPF on the sub with a BW18 filter Set a !00 hz LPF for the sub with an LR 24 filter, use the filter on the his and set a 100 hz HPF for the tops.

    The problem is if you set the limiter (which has no peak stop) and the DJ's hit the limiter harder and harder it will set the level of the compressed signal at a dangerously high level, and can burn the voice coil. But try and set the over easy to like 8-9 and set the threshold lower and lower till you get the limiter to catch the peaks.. easily done in person hard over the net.. make sure to do a gain structure that way if you set the mixer to peak before the speakers the DJ's will see that there is no more guts left in the system...and perhaps leavewell enough alone.
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