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Help for system setup.

nightskynightsky Posts: 4
edited October 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
What info do I need (gear specs etc.) from mfgrs. to custom setup our system? We have (each side of the stage) 1- JBL MR818 (single 18\" sub) w/ 1- Peavey SP2 xt (15\" + CD horn, bi-ampable) on top. In the amp rack, 2- Mackie 1400i & 1 Carver PM 1.5. Would like to run in stereo but not a necessity. We play mostly small clubs with rotten acoustics (naturally). Just got the Rack PA & calibration mic. Next steps please?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Haven't got much time but basically

    HPF 45 hz BW18
    Lpf 100 hz LR24
    thats the subs
    for three way
    HPF 100 hz LR 24
    LPF 2000hz LR 24
    delay about 8 ms
    15\" speaker
    HPF 2000 hz @LR 24
    to out (means let the tops reproduce whatever they can)
    delay about 9-10 ms

    Do a gain structure as per the back of the manual
    ballance the system using the amp controls'
    Do a med persicion FLAT auto as per the \"new indoor auto EQ running ONLY the tops but for the purpose of the Auto EQ lower the Xover point to 55 hz for the tops and as I said leave the subs off.
    http://www.driverack.com/drug/view_thre ... d_id=41419
    thats the new indoor method location..
    Raise the xover point again or store to a new location for full range operation. store the results with the resytored 100hz HPF on the 15\" speakers...set the subs EQ by ear, or do the stack OUTDOORS away from all reflective surfaces.

    store to a location for use as a reference tool. Now EQ opne to taste and store that.. You now have a flat reference, and a seasoned to taste for recall. Using the reference to compare you can then see what rooms do to the auto eq and have a flat preset for tough reflective rooms.

    Lots more here in the tutorials section, and the white papers...
  • Thanks gadget. We have a few well deserved weeks off from gigging which will give us time to shake things out. Next up is a come-to-jesus with our 2 guitar players about on stage volume. Wish me luck.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Oh crap... not fun... I sympathise with them that tone is sometimes sacrificed for peace.. but there has to be some better way than killig everyone on stage.. AND out at FOH..If they MUST have the amp turned up to get their tone they need a muff box and perhaps some guitar in their monitor.. though... Have them get the damn thing to fire at their ears, not at their asses.
  • Yes, we would need TALL amp stands. One guitarist is 6'-8\", the other 6'-6\"! Unknown to them, when we record, I turn off the cab mics and use their pre-amp direct outs only, and they love the tone. I just need to convince them that 99% of their sound is at the pre-output and the speaker accounts for very little in their particular case. But we're all 50 something old scool hard rockers and it's hard to get away from the loud & proud syndrome. Still, I need to preserve what hearing I have left.
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