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DBX260 Driverack Setup for 6 Yamaha outputs

DaniejvrDaniejvr Posts: 3
:?: Hi could somebody please assist I have just bought a Driverack 260 and have the following setup:

4 x Yamaha S215V – connected to 2 Yamaha P7000 amps ( amps are set on Stereo)

2 x Yamaha S218SW – Subs also connected to a P7000 amp (bridged)

2 x Yamaha S115V – general monitors connected to a P3500 amp (parallelle)

The Subs are connected to Output1

And the S215’s are connected to Outputs 2,3,4,5

And the S115’s connected to Output 6

Please take me through the steps to correctly set the 260 for this configuration – as it doesn’t seem to have a preset for this.

Your help is greatly appreciated


Danie Janse van Rensburg
Managing Member
(Pretoria - South Africa)
E-mail: [email protected]


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    First a couple questions/observations.

    I assume you want separate control of the mains and monitors?
    if so you will be running mono FOH, and will have 1 monitor mix
    do you have a computer hooked up and running the GUI (if not it will be much more difficult to configure and for me to explain)
    you will be using a 1X2(we can run that 1X4 with sub also) and 1X1 which means 1 input, 2 outputs to the FOH, Tops, and Subs
    and 1 input 1 output for monitors.

    Is that about it? let me know
  • Thanks for the Reply Gadget - DBX Technical customer care sent me a patch all set-up and ready to go it works great!!!!! WELL DONE DBX.

    Another Question though: I am not getting the Auto EQ Wizzard option when I press Wizard, any sugestions?

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