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Adding Cabinets

We are using JBL 4719 subs and the 4732 Mains 2 CE4000 power amps and the driverack 260, 32 channel Mackie Sound board. We are now thinking on doubling everything. My question is if we get the same subs, mains and power amps, do I need another driverack or is there a way to y off the back of the driverack. I think I have seen power amps with a signal out on the back, line out, or thru for which I could run directly to another power amp then onto the next sub but these power amps don't have that feature, I don't think. Basically I am pretty ignorant to alot of this. But I must say,when we play indoors or out the quality of this system is amazing and I do nothing but set the driverack to the speakers and it seems to me it does the rest. I can only imagine if I took the time to set the compressor, limiter EQ and such. Anyway thanks alot, John


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sorry I ment to look those amps up and see if they have a through function. You could build a pannel into the rack and wire iu a splitter pretty easily.. thats what I would do...
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    Yea that is what I will do. I called JBL today and talked wuth a tech. He said y off from the driverack would work.
    Thanks, John
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Gadget, anyway to track these guys down and beat them senseless? Oops! Too late! They already are.

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