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running 2 sets of speakers

bkv8s10bkv8s10 Posts: 2
edited November 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
i am running 2 sets of speakers, jbls and yamahas. 2 jbl 215s and 2 yamahas series iv as tops and 2 mp255s and 2 yamaha subs.how would i run these in my dj setup with 2 crown xls 602s and 1 crown csl 800 amp? or would i even need the csl? how would i run this configuration into the driverack?


  • bkv8s10,

    In the Driverack PA, you will need to select \"Custom Biamp\" for your mains, and \"Custom\" for your subs. Select \"Custom\" for all of your amps. You can then go into the x-over and alter the x-over points for the mid and high outputs to give you a full range signal (from the sub x-over point up to 20KHz). Please take a look at the below PDF for more info on setting up the Driverack PA.

    http://www.driverack.com/drug/view_thre ... d_id=41682 :D
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