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DRPA Questions

doesntplaywelldoesntplaywell Posts: 4
edited November 2006 in PA General Discussion
I'm currantly setting up my first pa system & am pretty much going by the suggestions at the JBL & Crown websites (under portable pa system diagrams) ... Items as such
mixer - soundcraft epm12
Amp - Crown xls802
Speakers - jbl jrx125
now the part I'm wondering about....they show a dbx 1231 eq but I was wondering if it would be to my advantage to replace that with the DRPA
because of all of it's features & the ease of adding to the system down the road, such as adding subs or monitors.
any advice would be greatly appreciated since I have know very little about this


  • I have found this forum to be very helpful. Especially once you bought a DRPA.

    I highly recommend one.

    I done PA for all the bands I've been in and this one device frees up more of my time than anything I've ever added.

    If you are going with Crown & JBL the DRPA already has presets for that gear. The auto eq and live feedback elimination are worth the price on the first day you use it. And if you add subs like the JBL JRX 118s, like I have, the system already has the crossover setting you need.

    There are white papers available on this site about gain structure and feedback elimination. Read them. You'll find a lot of questions answered there

    (one word of advice, and I know this isn't a jbl forum, make sure you have plenty of power to run those 125's. I was using a Crown XLS602 and it turned out I was woefully underpowered. No knock on Crown, but I switched to QSC)

  • BRADGBRADG Posts: 10
    I am on my 3rd drive rack PA. This is the 3rd unit that has broken in some way or another. I keep my unit in my amp rack so it does not get touched or moved out of the rack. On this go around the rta button broke off and the unit is engaged in the auto eq mode. Not much use in that mode. Has any one had this problem happen?

    Brad Gibson
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