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Config for DJ Powered Set-Up

djfrostdjfrost Posts: 2
edited November 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on DRPA start-up settings for the following speaker configuration. Ideally looking for the custom settings required for optimal sound.

Have initially set-up as 2X4 setup with custom setting, but not made any SPECIFIC changes to the custom settings.

Running laptop and Numark CDN-88's to the DRPA...using an Amer. Audio Q-Spand mixer.

Running highs out in stereo to 2 Yorkville nx520p powered speakers.

Yorkville nx520p Specs...

2-way active, 550 watts bi-amped (100 watts HF, 450 watts LF)

CMRR: 60 dB (common mode rejection ratio)
Max SPL: 124dB
Freq. Resp: 65-Hz - 17 KHz +/- 3dB
X-over Freq: 2.5 kHz
LF Rolloff Button: 100 mHz HP Filter
Input Sens: +4 dBv/1.23 V, Vrms sine (+/- 6dB with trim control)
Input Imped: 95 Kohms

Running lows out in stereo to 2 Yorkville nx200s powered subs.

Yorkville nx200s Specs...

200 watts internal
Freq. Resp: 50 Hz to 110 Hz
Max SPL: 125 dB (50 Hz to 110 Hz)

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


DJ Frost
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