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DBX DR260 configuration ideas needed...

hooperhooper Posts: 5

I have the following system and was hoping someone might have some hookup and settings advice. I understand the concept(s) of the dbx260, but am new to this type of product. I found the manual to be a bit overwhelming in certain topics. I figured I might get it hooked up for a start. :)

1 Mackie Onyx 1640 analog mixer
2 JBL SR4726A (SR-Series II 15+horn) Tops - [email protected] ohms
2 JBL SRX718S Bottoms (Single 18's per cab)- [email protected] ohms
3 JBL SRX712M Monitors (Single 12's+horn) - [email protected] ohms
3 QSC RMX 5050's - [email protected] ohms stereo per channel, 5000W bridged mono.
2 Ashly GQX-3102'2
1 DBX DR-260

The goal is to power all of the above speakers with the 3 qsc amps.
The ashly eq's are for fine tweaking the tops and monitors. Also in the rack is a lexicon mpx-1 for effects. I also have the dbx pinknoise mic. I've been running the series II tops in full range up to this point with a single amp.
Wasn't sure if bi-amping the top cabs were the right idea, or to run the tops in full range mode (internal crossover), and use one amp for the bottoms, one amp for the monitors. At any rate, I am hoping the dbx-260
will help manage the sound with these components.

Certainly appreciate the help and ideas. This is a new small venue build.

Thank you,


  • Do you need stereo mix? This is important for config ideas. If not.. Mono out of Mackie to 260 channel 1. Run x-over config for 3 way with sub-harmonic synth in dsp in-line instead of default FBX on mains.. run horns of 1 channel of QSC. 12's off 2nd channel of QSC. Run 18's off 2nd QSC as 2 channel off one output (or 2 if you want) from 260. Use channel 1 of 3rd QSC for monitor and leave 2nd channel as spare. Run monitors into 260 channel 2 with 1x1 filter in place for output.

    Throw Ashly EQ away or sell on E-bay..

    Hope this helps...

    I can set-up a config for you in a few days and email it if you are still having problems...

    P.S. Use a PC to config. Front panel is painful to use this way...
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