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I have just bought a DriveRack PA. I have read a ton, and now i am confused! i have everything hooked up rite (i hope) i am geting sound from my speakers but how do i go about haveing everything tuned rite?
can someone please help me...

i am useing
(Crown MT-1200 for my subs 2peavey 1801 lt black widow speakers 18in for my subs)

(Crown MT-600 for my mids. 2peavey 1201 li black widow speakers 12in for my mids)

and a bbe sonic maximizer


  • Alright, i'll give it a whirl.

    If you are playing multiple venues use the RTA in each one to get a decent baseline.

    After pinking the room tweak it to your liking. I think the wizard boosts some of the highs too much and cuts a lot of low end out. I usually end up boosting 60-250 hz here and there. You can have the same setup and save the different eq settings as different programs. I have little use for the feedback elim. so I can't give you much there.

    I usually set the xover at 110-125. play with the algorithms (BW or LR) and see what you like.

    hope this helps, I'm kinda new to the DRPA myself.
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