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PA wizard using Yamaha equipment

Hello to all dbx users

I have just procured two driverackPA units and plan to use one for my front of house PA and the other for my foldback monitors
my set up is as follows
mackie vlzpro 16ch desk
4xCM15V Yamaha monitors powered by 1xYamaha P7000 amp
2xC215V Yamaha speakers powered by 1xYamaha P7000 amp
2xCW218V Yamaha subs powered by 2xYamaha P7000 amps (bridged)

Just wondered if I could use the PA wizard to get the ball rolling since the
YamahaS115IV speakers Yamaha S215IV speakers and the Yamaha SW118IV sub listed in the speaker tunings if I am not mistaken have almost identical specs regarding their frequency response and recommended crossover point for the subs when compared to my set up Also the Crown CE 4000 in the amp tunings looks relatively similar to the specs for my Yamaha P7000 amps

I would appreciate any advice
Cheers from down under Peter
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