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Driverack 260 Martin Audio tunings

LiamLiam Posts: 3
Hi and thanks for a very interesting forum.

I just read the post concerning a 260 setup with Yamaha speakers, which got me thinking...

I'm awaiting, with impatience, the delivery of my 260 to be used with the following gear :

Martin Audio F215 (4 units)
Martin Audio S218 (2 units)
QSC PLX3602 (2 units)
QSC PLX3102 (2 units)

(3602s for the F215s (passive) and the 3102s bridged for the subs)

Should be pretty sweet, huh ?

But, unlike Mick Jagger, time is not on my side ! Gear arrives next week, first concert with this setup...29th December hahahahah !

I'm gonna have to get this all up and running pretty fast, so if anyone has any ideas about how to quickly config the 260 for the Martins and QSCs, I will be forever in your debt.

Yes, I will have the GUI running on a laptop (assuming, of course, that I CAN get it to work !!) and the RTA mic connected.

No, unfortunately, I have never used a Driverack ! But if we put the superior intelligence of this forum together with my humble neurone, maybe, just maybe, it could work !

Many thanks et a bientot.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    For a list of (and its a very short one) USB to serial converters and suggestions and solutions go here:

    http://www.driverack.com/drug/view_thre ... d_id=39808

    That site actually has the Tutorials sections with lots of helpful tips and tricks and links, and a searchable thread list.

    As far as a setup suggestion..I went to Martin audio and they are pretty closed lipped about the whole thing. I hesitate to cross in the region of the Kick so I guess I'd avoid 75-85 hz as the primary first harmonic of the kick low freq. So with a probable usable low freq of say 55 hz I'd probably use 90-100hz as the LPF for the sub/tops cross point. I'd set a 45 hz HPF @ BW18, and an LPF of as I said of 90 hz @ LR24 to start. the crossover point for the tops will end up @ about the same 90 hz area but because of crossover area interaction its best to see what works best.. start out with a HPF of 90 hz L/R24 and know that the latency of the L/R 24 is about 7.5ms with regard to the subs, so sweep the alignment delay from 6.5 ms up to find the tightest most coherent bass in that region.

    You'll want to set up an all custom 2x4 for full stereo, and 2X3 for stereo tops and mono subs. I'd suggest inserting the notch filters and the Feedback eliminator and if doing livesound delaying the GOH speakers to the backline using the pre xover delay.

    As far as the input attenuators settings don't worry too much about it and just do a good gain structure and let them fall where they may.

    That should get you started.. I'm most always around for questions..
  • LiamLiam Posts: 3
    Hi Gadget.

    Nice, thanks a lot. I'll let you know how it sounds when I've got everything up and running.

    Decided to go with the Keyspan USB/Seriel interface. Many thanks to Wombat for his page on the cabling.

    See ya soon.

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