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220 vs. Dell Latitude major issues

dennisheimdennisheim Posts: 6
I just got a new Dell Latitude. I tried to hook up to a 220i and evereything seemed OK. Build new config and labeled and uploaded. PC light is lit. It took configs. Everything OK. Tried to EQ with either set of Parametrics in the config. No dice... Parametrics show that they're working but aren't.. Changed cable still no good. Re-installed software from disc.. (version 2.5) Still nothing. Delays work most of the time.. Changed cable again... Still no good. Unit works fine with my Tosiba laptop. Total control w/ Toshiba.

Has this happened to anyone else? And What do I do?

P.S. Dell is a widescreen but still has a serial port. HELP, HELP, HELP


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Make sure you don't have a port conflict.
  • Port is OK.. Have comm'ed in with biamp MSP 22E and Xantech touchpad with no problems...

    I'm really stumped on this one.

    Any other ideas? Anyone else got new Dell Latitudes that are working?

    Seems like 2nd PEQ block isn't responding only. Can't turn on or off, It shows changes but has no effect. Delay, HPF,LPF, and mixer functions working fine. So are comps and limiters... Strange...
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