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Optimize a Disaster

bgpabgpa Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in PA General Discussion
!st, the quick basics. We are a fairly contemporary Baptist church. My \"stage\" sanctuary is an audio nighjtmare; 60'x60' painted solid cinder block square. :shock:
Slightly forward of center stage edge & \"flying\" from 14' ceiling are twin JBL Marquis MS 112 speakers. (air handlers prevented side stage mount). A JBL JRX118SP Powered Sub-Woofer on floor stage left.
My \"Main Rack\"= Yamaha GA-32/12 mixer, dbx DRPA, Alesis Midiverb, A Symetrix & Presonus individual VoiceChannel insert controls for Baptistry & Pastor Lapel (for some indivdual tweaking & compression),a (pre-DRPA) Behringer Dual Curve Pro processor I moved to insert on Praise Team Sub for some individual EQ & compression, a 2 channel Soni Maximizer>1 channel to Record Out Deck & 2nd to a Sub channel for a little on Pulpit mic & lapel., then finally the QSC PLX-2402 Amp.
1st> ANY tips on optimizing my setup/sytem is appreciated. I've been working on this room vs. system for a while now & any expert advice will be highly valued. :)
2nd> I have the Gain Structure set as best I can I believe w/ the variety of inputs (Mics, instruments, CD & Tape etc...) on my mixer. But w/ that, my amp gain is 1/3 (or actually 2/3 attenuation). That is given me a good \"room volume\" (aprox. 72db @ back wall) w/ some headroom before feedback in my polished accoustic nightmare. It's taken a lot of work to acheive that w/ intelligibility, but reading your many posts tells me I'm seriously underpowering my amp.. Considering it's what I've got, are there any options to balance? :?
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