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Time alignment delay

Jeff ChapmanJeff Chapman Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in PA General Discussion
I have read the manual about time alignment, I understand what it does and how to adjust the parameters, however I'm very foggy about how to determine proper setting of this tool for custom PA configurations. Any tips?
Thanks Jeff


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well.. there is a procedure you can do, best way is with something like an FFT device or SMAART... BUT.. the DRPA has so little delay that it is simple enough to sweep through and see if it makes any type of an audible change. With 10ms per output thats not much.. Know this, if your using folded horns you haven't got nearly enough delay to do any good, and if your using L/R 24 crossovers the delay is nearly 7.5 ms just in the mid cross point...

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