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set up help

trshottrshot Posts: 54
edited December 2006 in PA General Discussion
newbie here!
I don't have my drpa yet, just trying to get ready for set up....

JBL 2-SR4725A (2 way) 2-SR4718X (SUB'S)
I plan to run each channel of a Crown CE4000 to the subs and a Crown CE2000 bridged then daisy chained to the mains. I can't find tunings on JBL's site for these cabs. I did see SR4725X but not sure if I can use this. Since I'm running mono mains do I just take either a R or L output from the mixer to the drpa? What do I set the x-over at? I'm sure I'll be asking more once I get it set up!!

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